Congratulations on this exciting chapter in your life!

To request premarital counseling or a pastor to officiate your wedding, please fill out the Premarital Counseling and Wedding Request Form which will give us the information we need to be able to process your request.

You are welcome to submit your request up to one year in advance of your selected date, however, we are unable to confirm our availability until six months prior to your selected date. We do ask that all requests be made at least 90 days in advance.

After you submit a request, we check our calendars for the wedding date prior to making a commitment. If the date works, we’ll set up the counseling path.

For a complete layout of that path and what to expect, see the Step-by-Step Wedding Request Checklist.

To help you plan, you can read through our Fees for Counseling and Wedding Requests.

What to expect: a counseling guide

Because premarital counseling can help you better know and understand your future spouse, as well as prepare you for future challenges, the Gathering Network pastors require all the couples they marry to go through premarital counseling. For further explanation of premarital counseling, see our Counseling Guide.


Please feel free to email Jordanne at if you have questions or need additional info.

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Step-by-Step Wedding Request Checklist

Wedding Request Form

Fees for Counseling and Wedding Requests

What to Expect: A Counseling Guide