What does your past mean to your present?

Very few of us want to revisit the past. But the reality is, our past has influence on our present. Who we are has been shaped by where we come from. For most of us, our family of origin is the single greatest influence on our life, for good or for evil.  And no matter how healthy your family and childhood experience was, at some level every family is dysfunctional. We all inherit ways of living from our family of origin and culture that are out of sync with the way of Jesus. So a key task in our apprenticeship to Jesus is re-learning how to be human in relationship with the Father. But first, we have to go back to go forward.

The Genogram Workbook

In the Genogram Workbook, we will discover the power of the past by creating a family genogram. The goal is to review key events in your family history and identify generational sins, brokenness, relational patterns, and inherited values. Use this workbook alongside the weekly practice.

*We are indebted to Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR and their resources at Practicing the Way. The copy you see here and the Genogram Workbook has been adapted from theirs for our context, and we are so thankful for their generosity and for developing these tools. For more information go to practicingtheway.org

  1. To begin, listen to this introductory teaching on the Genogram:

2. Watch this video to learn how to begin filling out your Genogram:

3. Watch this video to learn how to add symbols and behavioral patterns to your Genogram: