The Gathering Network Covenant


We commit to live a life of love lived in three directions:

The 3 loves

Love God (UP)

with generous devotion by building our lives on personal worship and the study of God's word, knowing our devotion is a response to God's unfailing love for us.

Love each other (IN)

and live in submission, sacrifice, and fidelity toward one another.

Love the world (OUT)

by sharing Jesus generously and always.


We commit to live by four core values: 

The 4 commitments

To serve and disciple one another in spiritual extended families we call missional communities.

To grow in personal holiness and embrace a holistic biblical worldview that we apply to our entire lives: work, play, sexuality, resources, relationships, family, and things seen and unseen – believing Jesus is Lord over all of life.

To give generously by worshipping God with personal finances; we agree that giving 10% of our income has served as a healthy measure of generosity throughout biblical history.

To live a gospeling lifestyle by sharing that Jesus is Lord and his kingdom is here - in both words and deeds - in our city, state, nation, to the ends of the earth.


Each September we celebrate covenant season. On the last Sunday of September, we call people to join us in living in covenant community for one calendar year. You can become a covenant partner at any time of the year by first processing the decision with your missional community leader, d-group leader, or a staff member.

Any follower of Jesus [age 13 and above] is invited to become a covenant member of the Gathering Network community. In covenanting with us, you both agree to and adopt our shared values.