A dream is awakening in the heart of a new kind of worship leader.  

They are waking up from this dream with a hunger to use their gifts of worship and prayer to help make wrongs things right outside the temple, and beyond the temple stage.

It’s not that the temple is wrong. Obviously, it’s so essential! It’s just that it’s not enough. The temple is not enough because only those who can be attracted to it will be attracted to it. A new kind of worship leader is hearing a call to the un-attractable and they feel their response is an issue of worship. 

In October 2015 Jon and Alissa Shirley began hosting a micro-learning community to train worship leaders and their spouses to grow extended spiritual families that live together on mission fueled by worship and prayer.  


Cost, etc. 

  • This learning community will include four tracks over 18 months. 
  • Each track will cost $200 per person (the cost does not include travel,  lodging, or meals. One family style meal will be provided) 
  • The LC experience will also include a monthly discipleship huddle (via Skype or Google Hangout) 



Learning Community Track Dates and Themes:


October 19-21, 2015 - Growing a spiritual family

April 4-6, 2016 - Worship, prayer, and mission

October 13-16, 2016 - Raising leaders in spiritual families

April 20-23, 2017 - Multiplication of spiritual families



Why worship leaders and spouses? 

For us, the fight to live on mission means not living on mission alone. We believe that mission is a family enterprise, and therefore, spiritual family comes to the fore as a primary billboard for healthy kingdom living. All that we will teach you will be easier caught than taught, so we suggest husbands and wives learn this way life together. Not to mention, worship leadership is mostly a male enterprise (unfortunately), and many wives of many worship leaders aren’t really that involved in the ministry of their husbands (feel free to gender flip that, we are speaking in generalizations here:) We are convinced that extended spiritual families are a primary vehicle that God wants to use to carry Good News beyond the temple. Musical, and non-musical spouses (or covenant friendships for our single brothers and sisters) are crucial to that cause and need to learn at the same pace as the worship leader spouse. 

What about single worship leaders?

SO GLAD you asked, because our answer is simple… We want you! We just don’t want you to go at it alone. Including single worship leaders in the conversation about building extended spiritual families is a MUST for us. Here’s what we would ask of single participants…bring a a few covenant ministry partners with you to learn about living this life on mission together. Do you have a team of 3-4? Can you all covenant to learn and live together - to not leave each other when the going gets rough? If yes, we’d love to have you. In fact, we’d die to have you. Please apply.