The Gathering Network is a local church and also a regional training hub for those who want to learn about disciple-making and missional living.

This is where it all started for us. The Leadership Training Project is a summer training designed for college-aged students who want to follow Jesus in their real lives, not just Sundays.

This is a foundational course for maturity and disciple-making, and we encourage all our college-aged friends to invest here for a summer (or more!)

Know a worship leader? Check out the Leadership Training Project - Worship Intensive track too!

Can we radically follow Jesus in our real adult lives? FORM is an 8-month training for young professionals who want to grow in taking the Kingdom of God into every aspect of life: work, play, finances and relationships. Young adults in their 20s and 30s come together once a week to go deep in their life with Jesus and go far in their life with others.

FORM equips young adults with practical tools to change their neighborhoods, workplaces, and their city around the heart of God.

The Love and War Worship is a community for worship leaders longing to see worship and mission reach beyond the stage on Sunday. It's possible there is nothing quite like this. We help worship leaders discover their secure identity in Jesus; clarify their mission and purpose; and grow a healthy community that becomes a missional, spiritual family.

We’re so much stronger together. The Covenant and Kingdom Network is a monthly connection point for church and business leaders around Kansas City who want take discipleship and mission into their contexts.

Your typical leader in the Covenant and Kingdom Network has been through a Learning Community, is currently in a Learning Community, or wants to get a taste of what those kinds of people are like.