The Network Training Weekend is a bi-annual training and planning weekend designed to strengthen and equip the leadership culture the Gathering Network. 


SUMMER 2019: August 16-17


In Session One at the NTW Jon Shirley, Tom Page, and Sarah Miller describe Attachment Theory as the basis for the different ways we relate to self, to God, and to one another. Each of us has a way of relating to self, God and others and this way of relating was shaped by our formation in our families of origin. This matters because the way we relate matters profoundly, and the good news of the Gospel is this - God has adopted us into his family to transform the way relate to self, God, and others from the security of his love. This is the vision of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God - every living person adopted into God’s secure love. Yet, we sometimes live as orphans and slaves because our way of relating is wounded and needs healing and transformation. When we are in stress, pain, or fatigue we trend toward insecure attachments, and thus, the effort to live a “Jesus-shaped life” becomes the antithesis to what it is supposed to be. In this talk these teachers paint a picture of living a free life as a child of God.

What’s under the waterline of your life is what you are living up into your relationships with self, God, and others. “The way you relate is the way you relate”.

Insecure Attachment Styles: Avoidant, Anxious, or Disorganized


Secure Attachment:


Download the PDF below for descriptions of different Attachment styles:

Listen to Session One and use the images above to follow along:

*Correction - the Pale Blue Dot image was taken by the Voyager 1, not the Hubble Telescope.



In Session Two Jon and Jordanne Bonfield walk through the Church’s current financial status:



In Session Three Jon and Jordanne point the way forward with vision into 2020:

SUMMER 2018: August 17-18  


It was our honor to welcome, Adam and Juli Cox, and a team from Navah Church KC to minister to us Friday night at the Network Training Weekend. Adam and Juli carry a passion to see people discover the reality of Jesus' love, walk in new identity as sons and daughters, and live out the dreams of God in kingdom family.  Adam married Juli have three fun little girls named Liliwyn, Selah and Noelle. 


Adam and Juli Cox on Becoming a Zero-Resistance Home for the Holy Spirit

SATURDAY: 8/18/18

Jack Smithey on the Sociology of Social Spaces

Jon Shirley on Core Team in Missional Communities