Every year in May we do something pretty counter-intuitive…we don’t do 61 (our big church services). We understand that’s a pretty strange thing for a church to do, however, we do it for a reason.

In the book of John (chapter 15, to be exact), Jesus taught his disciples to “abide” in him in order to find their true identity in him and not their productivity. So, that’s what we do in May. We stop being productive to rest in the reality that it’s really Jesus who bears the fruit here, not our work ethic. 

We are starting to say, "in May we play and pray.

We PLAY because play is fun and we need more fun in our lives. 

We PRAY because prayer is the lifeblood of abiding and abiding is about relationship with God through Jesus. 


Here’s what abiding through May can look like...

  • MC’s can use the extra space to worship and pray together
  • Personally spend specific days/times in prayer for the GN
  • Have a meal with people you don’t normally see
  • Have FUN. Plan FUN.  Make time for FUN
  • Spend time with people of peace, doing something they love
  • Dive into John 15 as a family or missional community