We are so excited to announce our fourth annual Family Camp!

There's basically one reason to...

Let's take the time to get away from our busy lives
and enjoy one another.

Sign up quickly! There’s a limited availability of rooms, 12 are available.
 It’s a first come, first serve event.
Please make your deposit by May 7th to hold your room.

Friday June 29th at 3 pm through Sunday July 1st at 1 pm

Tan-Tar-A Resort:



  1. $235 for a single person sharing a room.***
  2. $405: Single person, private room
  3. $445 for a married couple, or family of 3
  4. $485 for any family of 4 or more with children 4 yrs and up.
  5. $485 + the cost of an extra room for a family of 8 or more.

Family count is based on anyone 4 years old and up.
Children 3 and under are free.

The total balance will be due by June 22nd.

***Please contact Jordanne for the details of sharing a room.

Saturday night will be a dinner out for adults only and is not included in the registration cost.  We will feed your kids that evening.

The total balance will be due by June 22nd.